Palmer Bus Service, Inc.

Round Lake Brewster

Round Lake Brewster


Asst. Site Manager:Bobbi-Jo Mcnab
Email:[email protected]
Address:915 4th Ave Brewster,
MN 56119

Palmer Bus has been serving the Round Lake Brewster community by safely transporting students since 2021. We safely transport about 430 students each day in Round Lake Brewster. Round Lake Brewster School District #2907 consists of Pre K through 8th grade. It serves students located in Minnesota counties of Nobles, Jackson, and Murray. Round Lake Brewster community is about 167 miles south west of the Twin Cities. Round Lake Brewster was a creation of the Rock Island Railroad.

Bobbi-Jo manages Palmer Bus Service of Round Lake Brewster, MN. Bobbi-Jo and her husband Robert live in Brewster and have three children ages 27,22, & 17. Their eldest son is a US Marine, and now a diesel mechanic. Their oldest daughter is a US Marine, active duty. Their youngest daughter is a junior in high school.

She is a three sport athlete and a commander in the HS marching band. Don't forget about the two year old cockapoo Walter. In her spare time Bobbi-Jo enjoys riding bicycle, kayaking, and all things exercise and fitness. Before coming to Palmer she worked in home construction, nursing, a former manager and long time daycare provider; but bus driving is by far her favorite occupation.

Our Round Lake Brewster Team