Palmer Bus Service, Inc.

Our Story

Our Story

Palmer Bus Service began in St. Clair, MN, in 1974, with 8 busses and a dream.

Palmer Bus Service is a family owned and operated business that has grown over the years with the hard work of many individuals who are committed to our Purpose and Core Values.

They represent WHO we are as a company.

Jenna Fromm
CEO of Palmer Bus Service

Jenna Fromm is the CEO of Palmer Bus Service. She grew up in the town of St. Clair, MN spending her summers cleaning buses, painting wheels and waxing bus floors. Jenna got her school bus license in September of her senior year in high school and drove bus that year. Jenna became a teacher, married her high school sweetheart and lived in the Twin Cities area raising their four children and helping her husband with his business for the next decade.

In 2012 Palmer Bus Service was transferred from Floyd and Lois Palmer to their daughters, Hollie Johnson and Jenna Fromm. Jenna stepped into a leadership role with Palmer Bus Service in 2015.

Jenna loves her job and takes the responsibility of safely transporting students very seriously. Having a leadership team, site managers, office staff, mechanics and drivers that put the core values of safety and quality of service, honesty and integrity, treating others with dignity, helping each other and serving our communities first is what makes Palmer Bus Service run. Jenna is grateful for and humbled by her responsibility in this company and knows it wouldn’t be possible without God’s help and the hard work of all of the Palmer Bus Service employees.

A Peek Into The Past

Sisters and Co-Owners of Palmer Bus Service:

Jenna Fromm


Hollie Johnson

Hollie and Jenna