Palmer Bus Service, Inc.


Tom Hughes

Nashwauk-Keewatin, Greenway Site Manager

Phone: 218-888-2855


730 1st St, Nashwauk, MN, 55769

[email protected]

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Palmer Bus has been serving the Nashwauk-Keewatin community by safely transporting students since 2024. We safely transport around 580 students each day in Nashwauk-Keewatin. Nashwauk-Keewatin School District #319 consists of Pre K through 12th grade. It serves Itasca county.

Nashwauk and Keewatin are about 197 miles North of the Twin Cities. Until 1963, Nashwauk and Keewatin were 2 separate school districts. They consisted of the Keewatin Tigers, who donned school colors of black and orange, and the Nashwauk Colts, who wore blue and white. The schools merged in 1962/1963 becoming the Nashwauk-Keewatin Spartans and chose the Orange from Keewatin and the Blue from Nashwauk to become ONE in Orange and Blue.

A little about Tom:

Tom is a lifelong resident of the Iron Range. He is active with Skywarn and the National Weather Service, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), and he's a volunteer examiner for the ARRL (American Radio Relay League). Tom holds an Extra Class license with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and is active with the local ham radio club.


Tom enjoys motorcycling, tractors, camping, fishing and being outdoors. He is an avid 3D printing enthusiast and loves playing with his laser engraver when he has free time.