Palmer Bus Service, Inc.

Chokio Alberta

Chokio Alberta


Site Manager:Chandler Erickson
Facility Address:212 Main St.
Chokio, MN 56221
Mailing Address: PO Box 254
Chokio, MN 56221-0254

Palmer Bus Service has been serving the Chokio/Alberta community by safely transporting students since 2009. We safely transport about 150 students each school day in Chokio/Alberta.

Chokio/Alberta School District #771 consists of one K-12 school located in Chokio.

Chokio is located in Stevens County and is about 150 miles west of the Twin Cities and 100 miles south of Fargo and Moorhead. Chokio is a Dakota word meaning “the middle.”

A Little Bit About Chandler:

I started out as a type III driver and was promoted to Site Manager in February of 2020. I have lived in Chokio my entire life and want to help the community as well as the school as much as I can. Palmer helps me to do both of those things! I enjoy anything to do with athletics and like to be outside as much as possible.

Core Value Award Winner for 2019-2020

John Berlinger faithfully served the Chokio Alberta Community by safely transporting students and exemplified our Core Values all school year. He demonstrated:

SAFETY by being accident free and completing every monthly safety training before it was due.
INTEGRITY by always conducting himself as a professional driver.
DIGNITY by completing daily pre trips, and ensuring his bus is swept, clean and fueled.
HELP by being present to drive almost every single school day.
COMMUNITY  by safely transporting students!

Congratulations and thank you for your superior service!