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Post Trip

There is nothing more important at the end of your route than your post trip inspection! Children are prone to falling asleep on vehicles, checking your bus immediately at your earliest convenience is going to cause less stress for everyone should you find a child cuddled up with their backpack in a seat.

  • AM Trips: When making your last drop at your school, check the bus while you are still parked.
  • PM Trips: Check you bus after your last drop off. If you aren’t in a spot that you can be parked for a short period of time, pull off to the side of the road to begin your bus inspection.

The proper way to inspect your bus is to walk from the back to the front of the vehicle. Check in between each seat and pay close attention to the bus’ interior surroundings. Doing a quick “sweep” of the bus is not effective. As we all know, some children are smaller than the backpacks they wear and a quick scan of the aisle will not tell you that all students are dropped off. These first few days of school the smaller children just starting their bus riding adventure are going to need extra guidance and reminders.