Little Falls

Site Manager:Rodney Rudolph
Facility Address:17043 Haven Rd.
Little Falls, MN 56345
Mailing Address: PO Box 757
Little Falls, MN 56345

Palmer Bus Service has been serving the Little Falls community by safely transporting students since 2000. We safely transport about 1,185 students each school day in Little Falls.

Little Falls School District #482 consists of Little Falls Community High School, Little Falls Community Middle School and three elementary schools: Dr. S. G. Knight, Lindbergh and Lincoln. We also service Mary of Lourdes Middle School and Elementary.

Little Falls is located in Morrison County and is about 100 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. Little Falls is located very near the geographic center of the state of Minnesota.

Rodney Rudolph manages Palmer Bus Service of Little Falls, MN. Rodney has been in the bus business since 1978 and with Palmer Bus Service since 2000. Rodney’s family is a big part of his life. Rodney and his wife were married in 1982 and have two sons who live nearby in houses that the family has worked together to build. Rodney’s passion is mountain snowmobiling and he rarely misses going out west to ride. It started as a family vacation in 2005 and has grown to a group of friends that have come to love the mountains as well. Places they have snow-mobiled or, as they say in Alaska snow machined include- Hatchers pass AK ,Togwotee WY, Cooke City MT, Island Park ID, and West Yellowstone MT.

The best part of Rodney’s job is the people. Even though he is a quiet person who does a lot more listening than talking him still gets much enjoyment talking with everyone from management to the drivers to the students on the various bus routes that he runs. There is always an enjoyable story that brings a smile to his face.

Our Little Falls Team

Little Falls

Award Winning Driver for Palmer Bus Service of Little Falls 2017-2018

Little Falls - Gordy Lintner

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a little letter of appreciation for our driver Gordy Lintner. Gordy has been employed by Palmer Bus Service since 2007 and in all that time has done an outstanding Job. He has had no accidents, no violation of any kind, and has one of the happiest, best behave bus route in the district. Gordy has a personality that just makes it easy for him to carry on a conversation with anyone. This is one of the reasons we asked him if he would be interested in our training program for new drivers. He was very willing to give it a try, and has been through much training in all aspects of school bus driver training and has done a wonderful job with that as well. He does our evaluations here at our Little Falls location and all the drivers really appreciate the time and attention to details that he goes through in the evals.I personally have been evaluated and even picked up a few things that I did not know. There have been times when training a new driver that he would come to me and let me know how it was going. Always being honest, sometimes he would tell me things that I wasn’t happy about with the progress, but we would talk about it and come up with a solution and get the trainee to pass their tests. I can tell you right now, that if you would ask any driver here about Gordy, you would not get one single negative response. That should tell you the type of person Gordy is!

Rodney Rudolph